Date: February 13, 2018 | Author: admin

3 Reasons Why It’s Ok To Drop Your Deadlift

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Should you drop your deadlift?

Well it “depends”.  

There are times when dropping the deadlift is ok and actually beneficial.

Watch this video where I explain some of the benefits of dropping the deadlift.

Unless you are competing on a powerlifting platform where the rules state you can’t drop the lift, sometimes it’s actually beneficial to drop the deadlift.

Here are a few examples of when I have my clients drop deadlifts.

1. If someone has a previous lower back injury and we have progressed them to the point where they can deadlift safely, sometimes the lowering of the deadlift can be harder on the lower back. So it’s fine to drop the deadlift.

2. If someone is knew to deadlifit and they find the lowering difficult or painful I will have them drop the deadlift. Then when their form and technique is good enough we can reverse the deadlift from the top down.

3. The deadlift is a concentric based exercise. It does not start with a lowering the same way a squat or bench press does. For the most part the lowering (eccentric portion) of the lift causes muscle soreness. If I have a client that wants to recover faster and not get as sore dropping the deadlift also can be beneficial.

Before you drop your deadlift also be sure that you gym allows it .

Coach Rob

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