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Rob’s Rules – 5 Things I Do To Get Women Amazing Results

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Rob’s Rules – 5 Things I Do To Get Women Amazing Results

I coach a lot of strong, fit, athletic women.

Over my many years coaching at my gym Heavy Weights Training Center I have coached a wide variety of women.  Some who have never lifted weights before and just started lifting.  I coach numerous powerlifting competitors from novice lifters all the way to National Champion and Record Holders to Worlds medalists.  I have also coached a lot of women for fitness, bikini, figure and more.

As well I coach a lot of women who just want to look good and feel good.

When I coach women there are certain things that always remain the same for me no matter their goals.

Here are 5 things I do training wise to get women amazing results.


1. Lift Heavy Weights. Getting Stronger Is Always The Goal.

It doesn’t matter if you want to look good, or if you are a competitive lifter my goal is to always get the women I coach stronger.  Strength makes everything better.  you burn more calories, you feel better, you look better, you improve confidence and more.  Strength is always my number 1 goal.  Period.


Rebecca with a huge Trap Bar Deadlift PR of 435 pounds!

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Rebecca squatting 150 kg / 330 lbs in her first powerlifting comptition. Great 3rd attempt! #Squats, #womenwholiftweights , #Heavyweights

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2. Focus on compound movements. Squat, Bench, Dead, Trap Bars, Overhead presses, pull ups etc.

Most women want to “tone” their arms and “flatten their tummy” and all kinds of silly things like this.  Once they start to lift and get stronger these things take care of themselves.  I can assure you that squatting and deadlifting and doing heavy carries will work your arms, your core, your legs, your butt and more. 

Focus on the big movements, get stronger and then you can add in other exercises.  But be sure to make compound movements and strength your focus.




3. Lots of Weighted Carries. KB Carries, Farmers Walks, Mixed Carries and More

All of my female clients/athletes do weighted carries.  All of them.  And none wear gloves.  They all pick up heavy objects and carry them.  Kettlebell carries, farmers walks, dumbell carries, you name it, we carry it.

Weighted carries are full body exercises.  They also improve grip and forearm strength which is usually a very limiting factor for women.  The other day I saw a woman carrying grocery bags to her car and she was struggling with 4 bags.  I can assure you that all my female clients feel strong and empowered inside and outside the gym.

That moment when the girls you coach are comparing callusus after heavy carries but are looking jacked & strong as fu#k lol. Proud coach lol.

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4. They Do Lots Of Jumping.

Box jumps, Broad jumps, jump complexes and more.  When my female clients are ready to jump I get them jumping.  Before they jump they need a strength base.  I use trap bars, squats and deadlifts to build this base.  Jumping is not for everyone, but IF you can jump then you will do lots of it.

Jumping has numerous benefits,  Explosiveness, speed, building muscle, improving fat loss, and much more.  As well they are a lot of fun.  Last but not least jumping is very empowering.  A lot of women I coach hate jumps at first, but then when they get good at them they love it.



Lindsay conquering 3 boxes with a jump PR!

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Amazing jumping from Rebecca. Kneeling jump to box jump.

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Slow Motion Jumping! Check out Kerri’s amazing jumping!

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WATCH this jump!

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5. They Train Like Athletes, Not BodyBuilders.

Most of the women I coach I challenge to compete in Power Lifting and also bikini, fitness, and more.

They sprint, they jump, they lift weights, they carry heavy things, they do body weight exercise and more.

We don’t isolate muscle groups much.  Hardly ever will you see my female athletes doing biceps and triceps.  We train movements over muscles and we are always trying to do the following.

Get Stronger, Get Faster, Move Better.



Sprint & Catch Warm Up Drill.

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Nothing fancy, no secrets, lots of chalk, hard work, hard training, sweating and lifting heavy weights.

Base your training around these 5 rules and I can guarantee you will get amazing results.

Coach Rob


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