Date: August 9, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Tip: Do More Pulling Than Pushing In Your Training

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Here is a simple tip that has numerous benefits. Do more pulling than pushing in your workouts.

In my class the focus was on bench pressing. We were doing a volume workout of 30-50 reps at 70%. These could be done in any rep scheme you want (IE 5 sets of 10, or 7 sets of 7 (plus 1 rep). etc.

But I also made them do much more pulling and rowing exercise. They had to do 1.5 the amount of pulls/row variations like TRX T’s. Y,s W’s etc.



Here are 3 reasons why you should do more pulling than pushing.


1. Keep Your Shoulders Strong and Healthy.

Numerous factors can lead to shoulder issues, Poor posture, lack of movement, over training certain exercises and more. By doing a large variety of pulling exercises it will have a positive impact on this.



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2. It Will Improve Upper Body Strength & Help Your Bench Press /Over Head Press Strength

A healthy, strong and mobile set of shoulders is essential for a strong bench press or over head press. More than likely at some point you will experience pain in the shoulders or a shoulder injury. Often this is from creating an imbalance or too much benching. By doing lots of pulling you will balance the ratio of strength needed to keep your pulling and pushing strength somewhat normal.



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3. You Will Build A Strong Powerful Back

I personally love seeing a woman with a strong back. It’s a muscle to me that shows power and strength. You can’t get a nice back without working for it. As well the back and glutes are the true power house muscles for strength. Show me a women with a strong muscular back and I bet you she is strong. It’s a muscle you can’t “fake”.



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In your training if you do a lot of pressing like bench pressing, and over head pressing be sure to not neglect your pulling exercises. Try to do more pulling than pushing with lots of volume and exercise variations.

You will keep mobile, get stronger and look amazing.

Coach Rob