Date: August 9, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

3 Safety Tips If You Bench Press Alone

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One of the members of our Women Who Lift Weights Strength Club said she trains early in the morning, she doesn’t have a trainer and she trains alone.

She is very fearful of going to hard on bench press because of the safety aspect of benching.

Bench pressing along can be a VERY scary thing.  The last thing you want is a bar stuck across your chest (or even worse your neck) with no one to help you or no way out.

So I recorded a video with 3 safety tips if you bench press alone.

#1.  When possible try to have safeties in place
Most racks have safeties that you should be able to easily adjust when benching.  Set them up to about chest height so that if the bar gets stuck the weight is on the safeties not on your chest.  In PowerLifting we make sure that the bar will not hit the neck.
#2. Don’t use clips or collars

An easy escape on the bench press is if you get stuck you can tip the bar from one side to the other.  This will allow the weights to slide off one side then the other.  It might be a little bit noisy and embarrassing but it’s much better than getting stuck and having to roll a weighted bar down your body because if you have clips on you can’t dump the sides.


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#3. Try to find a bench or block to use on the sides of the bar and create a safety

I have seen people use adjustable boxes that can fit on the sides of the bar so that if the bar gets stuck these can act as safeties.  It might take some creativity and playing around but it’s better than getting stuck on your chest.  One of the top PowerLifters I follow uses big Rogue black boxes as his safeties.  Make the best of what is around you and get creative.

I love the Bench Press but it is one lift that can be scary doing alone.

Train hard but always train smart, safety first.

I hope these tips help you.

Coach Rob

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