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5 Training Tips For A Strong Muscular Back

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To me nothing speaks power and strength like a strong back.

You can’t have a jacked back without putting in the work so when our female athletes develop a jacked back it makes me proud.

Here Are 5 Tips to Build a Jacked Back.

1. Build your training around deadlifts – NO other exercise will develop muscle and strength like deadlifts so if possible make them then backbone of your training.


2. Do Pull Ups – If you can do pull ups do them. If not use variations to build up to them. Grip holds, negatives, band assisted. Pull ups and chin ups help a lot. If you struggle with pull ups read this article with a 6 Step Pull Up Progression.


3. Do a variety of rowing and pulling variations. Once you got the backbone of deads and pull ups it’s great to add in a variety of rowing and pulling exercises


4. Keep the reps low on Deadlifts but do a higher volume of rows and pulling. Hardly any of my female athletes do deadlifts above 5 reps but they will do higher reps with a variety of exercises ranging from 8 reps to 20 reps.


5. Focus on heavy carries and grip strength. I can’t stress enough the importance of full body strength, grip strength and weighted carries. Think of the body as a complete unit and not individual muscle groups. If you are doing pull downs and rows with straps as your main back exercise you are missing the point. Get strong head to toe, don’t neglect grip work and heavy carries.

Coach Rob

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