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Pull Up vs. Chin Up – What Is The Difference?

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I get a lot of questions on Pull Ups vs. Chin Ups and what is the main difference between them.

The main difference between a pull up and a chin up is the position of your hands on the bar.

For a chin up your hands will be palms facing you.

For a pull up your palms will be facing away from you.

My favorite overall is called a “Neutral Grip” where your palms will face each other.

All three versions have different benefits.

The neutral grip is the easiest when you are starting off and the most “joint friendly”.

The chin up is the medium intensity of the three. With the palms facing you recruit a bit more bicep.

The pull up is the hardest of all three variations.

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Give these 3 variations a try and I hope this helps you.

Coach Rob

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