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3 Common Weak Areas For Women Doing Pull Ups/Chin Ups

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I have coached and helped a lot of women do their first pull up and then do multiple pull ups.

Over the years coaching at my gym Heavy Weights and through my online 6 Week Pull Up Program I have seen common areas where women struggle when doing pull ups.


Here Are 3 Common Weak Areas For Women Doing Pull Ups/Chin Up


#1 Women Lack Grip Strength

The #1 limiting factor for most women at first doing pull ups is grip strength. Most women lack the grip, finger and hand strength to do pull ups.

I have talked a lot about the importance for women to develop grip strength, to not use gloves when training, and the importance of training grip daily and doing weighted carries.


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#2. Most Women Lack A Strong Enough Core

Yes your core plays a huge role in stabilizing your lower body when you do a pull up. You are only as strong as your weakest link and if your core is weak then you won’t be able to stabilize your lower body.

A big common mistake is women put their feet behind them and crossed like a old school body builder type pull up.  This is great to isolate your back, but this is a big mistake when doing a pull up. 

When you do a pull up you want to create full body tension throughout your whole body, the same way you would with a deadlift.  If your core is weak you are not as strong as you can be.  This is a big limiting factor most women don’t realize.


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#3. Most Women Don’t Know How To Use Full Body Strength

Most women rely on their arms when they try to do pull ups This is a big mistake. If you want to get stronger and do a pull up you have to use every muscle in your body. Your arms are not that big, you need to use your back, your core, your hips everything.

Another important factor is don’t think about pulling yourself up to the bar, focus on ripping the bar down to you.  As well think about driving your elbows back.  This will engage your lats a lot more which is very important when doing pull ups.


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Make sure to bring up these 3 common weak areas and your pull ups will improve fast.

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