Date: August 28, 2017 | Author: admin

Do You Get Wrist, Elbow or Shoulder Pain Doing Over Head Press? This Could Help.

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Do your wrists, elbows or shoulders hurt on overhead barbell press?

If so try using a thumbless grip (known as false grip).

For some people this little change can make a big difference immediately and reduce pain and discomfort in overhead barbell pressing exercises.

One of my athletes that I coach Bev was saying that bar pressing was hurting her shoulder and wrist.

To improve this we changed a few things.

We narrowed her width on the bar, we changed her grip to a thumbless grip and and I had her not grip the bar too tight.

Immediately things felt better for her.

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A thumbless grip is also a great option for pull ups and chin ups if these give you elbow or shoulder pain as well. 

However I do not recommend this grip for barbell bench press for safety reasons.

Give it a try and let me know if it helps you.

Coach Rob