Date: March 9, 2017 | Author: admin

5 Simple Tips For A Stronger Squat

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The squat is one of the most simple and effective barbell exercises you can do.

It will improve full body strength when done properly (not just your legs), and it will help you build muscle like no other exercise.

Plus squats are FUN.

If you want to get stronger on squats here are 5 tips that will help.


5 Simple Tips For A Stronger Squat

1.  Set Up – Take your time setting up.  A strong squat starts with a solid set up.

2. Big Breath – Take a big breath into your belly and brace your core.  Think someone is going to punch you in your belly. 

3. Get Tight – Turn your upper body to stone.  Create full body tension.

4. Keep Your Air – Once you get your air keep your air.  Don’t blow out your air.  Hold it.  If you are new to lifting remember this “If the bar is moving you are not breathing”.

5.  Be Confident.  You are only as strong as you think you are.  Act as if, be confident and make the lift.

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If you want to get good at something you need to practice.

Try adding these 5 Simple Squat Tips into your training.

Happy Squatting!