Date: March 9, 2017 | Author: admin

5 Simple Tips For A Stronger Trap Bar Deadlift

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As much as I love barbell deadlifts the Trap Bar is a great deadlift option with many benefits.

It’s a bit more user friendly compared to a standard barbell.  As well where the handles are higher and are on the outsude of the legs it’s makes it easier on the joints compared to a standard barbell deadlift.

You can also lift heavier weights which is always fun.  I have my female athletes use both trap bars and standard barbell deadlifts.

If you don’t have access to a Trap Bar you can order one here (they are very low cost).


Here Are 5 Tips For A Stronger Trap Bar Deadlift

1. Set Up – Take your time and have a strong set up.  A good lift starts with a good set up.

2. Breath & Brace – Take a breath into your belly and brace your core as hard as possible.  Think that someone is going to punch you in the belly.  Brace for impact.

3. Get Tight – Turn your body to stone.  Tense every muscle in your body. 

4. White Knuckle The Bar – Grip the bar as tight as possible. 

5. Push The Ground Away – Don’t think about lifting the weight, focus on driving the ground away from you as hard as you can.  Push the floor away, don’t pick up the weight.


Here are a few of my strong female athletes showing how to use a Trap Bar properly.


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Give these tips a try and I hope it helps your training.

Coach Rob