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What is a Box Squat?

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The box squat is very similar to a standard barbell squat, except that you squat to a box and you sit back and relax the hips.  The goal of this squat is not for depth, but for working on improving strength in the hips and glutes.  A box squat should be done to a parallel height or a little bit lower.

The box squat puts a bigger emphasis on the hamstrings, glutes, hips, and low back. These are the precise muscle groups that do a very large percent of the squat. After sitting completely on the box, some glute and hip muscles are relaxed somewhat. Then forcefully flex the abs, hips, and glutes and jump off the box.


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A regular high bar back squat and low back squat have a big emphasis on the quads, by using the box squat you can focus more on the posterior chain.

When doing a box squat I recommend that you do them with a flat shoe like Chuck Taylors or Barefoot (watch for slipping with a wider stance).

The reason for this is because you want to sit back and have as much vertical shin as possible.  This will put more emphasis on the hips and glutes.  Once you elevate the heels in a squat the knees come further forward.  For a barbell squat this is great, for a box squat this is not the best  foot position.  I use and recommenced a set of flat shoes and squat shoes.  The top women I coach all have squat shoes and deadlift shoes. If you are serious about squatting I recommend a set of Chuck Taylors and good pair of Squat Shoes.

Having proper foot gear and training equipment is essential for proper lifting.

As well a lot of people that get hip pain from normal squats can box squat with little to no pain most times.


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It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner lifter or experienced, the box squat is always a great choice.

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