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5 Simple Tips For Better Hang Power Cleans (Video)

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5 Simple Tips For Better Hang Power Cleans

Karen with some nice Hang Power Cleans.

She is training hard for her Fire Fit Combat Challenge World Championships.

The Hang Power Clean (HPC) is a great exercise for explosive power, improving speed and full body strength.

I coach a lot of PowerLifting athletes where we focus on Squat, Bench Press and the Deadlift. The Power Clean comes from Weight Lifting and is a great exercise for improving athletic ability and performance.

Here Are 5 Simple Tips For Better Hang Power Cleans:

1. Start in a strong hang position with the bar just above your knees. This should be a jumping position, not a squat.

2. When possible use a “Hook Grip”. It’s not the most comfortable grip but it works.

3. Make sure to jump. You want to use full body explosive power and not muscle up the weight.

4. Keep the reps low. 1-5 reps for this is exercise is great.

5. Relax and move fast. Don’t muscle the weight, be sure to try to go from a relaxed movement into a fast movement. You want to be explosive and fast not stiff.


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Give these tips a try  and let me know how you find them.
Stay Strong.
Coach Rob