Date: January 12, 2017 | Author: admin

The 1 Minute Pull Up Hang Challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Grip strength, or lack of grip strength is one of the most common factors I see with women who are trying to get stronger and lifting weights.

I see women use gloves (this is big no no), I see them complain about calluses, i hear them complain about small hands and more.

A stronger grip is very important for getting stronger, and it can be fixed in a few weeks if you just deal with it and work on it.

Improving your grip will carry over into every other lift in the gym and also improve your quality of life.

As well if your goal is to do pull ups or chin ups starting with a strong grip is the foundation.  Most women lack grip strength on pull ups so this is a simple way to get your grip stronger.

This is a very simple exercise, but not easy.

Start at the bottom of a pull up/chin up and just hold.

Your goal starting is 60 seconds.

Once you can go for 60 second challenge yourself for a longer time.

This is also great for building mental strength along with physical strength.



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A stronger grip makes everything better so don’t neglect your grip training.

Coach Rob


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