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Rob King “aka Coach Rob” is the creator and founder of WWLW (Women Who Lift Weights). He is also the owner and creator of Heavy Weights Training Center Gym in Newfoundland, Canada.

Coach Rob has a vast experience in coaching women of varying fitness levels from beginners to Worlds level PowerLifters and Fitness/Bikini Pros.

His coaching and fitness programs have helped thousands of women from all over the world.

Coaching Experience

– 5 X Team Canada PowerLifting Coach – 3X Head Coach (Dubai, South Africa, Costa Rica, 2 X Assistant Coach (Japan, South Africa).

– Coached hundreds of women in PowerLifting from new lifters to Worlds Level Lifters.

– Coached Fitness, Bikini, Olympic Lifting, Strong Woman and much more.

– Coached women with back injuries, hip injuries, shoulder injuries and more.

– Experience coaching women of all ages – teaching strength training to females ranging from 11 years old to upwards of 70 years old.


Competing Experience

Coach Rob has a strong strength training background, with PowerLifting being his primary passion given his love for heavy weights.

Some of his top achievements include:

– 5 Times Power Lifting World Medalist, 3 Time Common Wealth Champion, 5 Times NAPF Champion, Pan Am Games Champion, 5 Times National Champion. National & Common Wealth Record Holder.

– Competed 13 times as a part of Team Canada Powerlifting which has brought him all over the world (Japan, South Africa, Costa Rica, Panama, Sweden, Finland, USA, & more).

– Competed at 45+ IPF Drug Free PowerLifting Competitions.

– Extensive competitive BodyBuilding background.

– Competed in Olympic Weightlifting.

– World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) Certified Tae Kwon Do Black Belt.

– In June of 2019 Rob had a total hip replacement. Less than 2 years later he competed at the IPF Masters Equipped World Championships in South Africa and placed 3rd overall and took home a bronze medal in Squats & Deadlifts.


Coach Rob has written and contributed articles for, Women’s Fitness, Men’s Fitness, STRONG Fitness Magazine,,, Fitness Magazine, Elite FTS, Early To Rise, The PTDC (Personal Trainer Development Center), and more.


SFG (Strong First Girya) Level 1
SFL (Strong First Lifter) Level 1
TFW (Training For Warriors) Level 1
TFW (Training For Warriors) Level 2
CPPS Level 1
Poliquin Bio-Signature Level 1
Provincial-Level PowerLifting Referee