Date: September 21, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Tip : Take The Slack Out Of The Bar On Deadlifts

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One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when deadlifting is that they focus far too much on picking the weight off the floor.
You can do this until the weight gets heavier, and then you are in trouble.  This will lead to incorrect form and a possible chance of a back injury down the road.

A simple and effective way to improve your deadlift technique and strength is by learning how to “take the slack out of the bar” before you lift.

The barbell will rest in the bottom of the plates as it is on the floor.  You want to learn to create tension by pulling the bar to the top of the plates.  This in turn starts to create a wedge of you with the weight.

When you take the slack out of the bar be sure to also learn to pull yourself to the bar.  The tighter that you can get before you start the lift the better.

Think about taking the slack out of the bar, starting off practice just trying to listen and feel the “clink” of the bar.

Keep practicing this until it becomes natural.

By taking the slack out of the bar and wedging you create more tension which makes for a stronger and safer deadlift.

Give it a try.

Coach Rob
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