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Tip : On Deadlifts Don’t Spend Too Much Time At The Bottom (Video)

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One of our Women Who Lift Weights Strength Club Members asked for some feedback on her deadlift and how to improve it.

The thing she was doing was spending way too much time at the bottom of her deadlift.

While you never want to rush your deadlift set up, when you are ready to lift then lift. The longer you spend in the bottom position you are doing two things.

Watch this video where Coach Rob explains why you don’t want to waste time in the bottom of a deadlift.


Here Are Two Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Spend Too Much Time In The Bottom Of A Deadlift


1. You Are Wasting Physical Energy

Sit in a hinge for 20 seconds and then try to jump as high as you can. You won’t jump as high for a few reasons. One your legs are tired and two you are losing the elasticity of stored energy. You want to waste as little energy as possible when lifting so if possible try to not spend a lot of time and energy hanging out in the bottom position.


2. You Are Wasting Mental Energy

The longer you spend in the bottom of a deadlift wasting mental energy you are also wasting mental energy. A deadlift is a very mental lift. I compare the deadlift to shooting a gun. When you pull the trigger then fire. If you hang out in the bottom you may find yourself second guessing yourself. The goal is to get set, ready, fire. Pull the trigger on your lift and get out of there. Don’t spend time in the bottom of your lift thinking about it.



Set up, get tight, lift fast and don’t hang out too long in the bottom.

Give it a try and let me know if this helps you.

Coach Rob


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