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What Are Knee Sleeves & Should Women Wear Them? (Video)

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I got asked this question the other day from one of our Strength Club members.

She was wondering what those things on the knees of a lot of the girls that I coach.

These are known as “Knee Sleeves” and are used a lot in Power Lifting.  Knee sleeves are a great training tool with numerous benefits that can help keep your knees healthy and improve your training.

  • Improved Blood Flow. Helps keep the knee joint warm and feeling good
  • Improves tightness which helps form and strength in squats

Compression + Blood Glow = Better Recover & Better Training

Watch this video where I talk about knee sleeves.

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I love using knee sleeves in my training.  It will help improve your squats and keep your knees feeling tight and warm.

If you are planning on competing in PowerLifitng just make sure your knee sleeves are approved by your federation.  Every federation has different rules so be sure to do your homework.

I have had my SBD Knee Sleeves for about two years now and they are still in great shape.  I consider these to be an investment in your training and joint health.

Coach Rob


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