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Do Your Knees Hurt On Squats? This Could Help (Video)

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Do your knees hurt on squats?

Sometimes when squatting a common tendency are for the knees to “Break” first and push too far forward.

On a squat the knees can go past the toes.  It’s a big myth that the knees can’t pass the toes on a squat.

However the issue is more when the knees go forward, not it they go forward.

I have found for a lot of women it’s easier to think about sitting back and breaking “hips first” and then “knees second”.

If the knees go too far forward at the right time during a squat this could cause you pain.

Watch this video where I explain in more detail.

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When you squat try to think about breaking the hips first and then the knees,  This could help your squat and prevent knee pain.

Give it a try and let me know how you find it.

Coach Rob


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