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Tip : Elevate Your Heels To Improve Your Squat (Video)

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Squat Tip – Elevate Your Heels For A Stronger & Deeper Squat.

This is a simple squat fix, but if you are serious about squatting and lifting I recommend you have the proper footwear.

Watch this video where I show a quick and simple fix for a deeper stronger squat.


A quick note on squats. 

Some women will squat better in flats than having elevated heels like in a squat shoe. 

This is dependent on numerous factors such as hip anatomy, lever lengths, mobility and muchb more.

I recommend training and using both squat shoes and barefoot squats.

Barefoot squatting has numerous benefits.

You can read more about the benefits of barefoot squatting and training HERE.

Stay Strong.

Coach Rob


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