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Tip: Do 5 Minutes Of “Mental Warm Up” Before You Train

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Tip: Do 5 Minutes Of “Mental Warm Up” Before You Train,
Want a better workout today? Do this.
I want you to take 5-10 minutes before you workout and find your focus and get your brain ready to lift weights.
Maybe you take 5 minutes to get a coffee.
Maybe you go for a quick walk.
Maybe you put in headphones and listen to music.
You have to find your thing and do YOUR thing.
For me music plays a big role. I like taking 5-10 minutes to warm up and listen to music. While doing this I like to visualize my workout, what I will lift, how it will go, how it will feel.
My training session starts before my hand ever touches a barbell.
This may sound crazy but it’s very important to warm up your mind and focus the same way you warm up your body and muscles before your lift.
Try to find a pre workout “ritual” that will create a solid mental training state.
We are all busy, I get it, I know, but 5 minutes of “you” time can go a long way before you train.
Give it a try.
Coach Rob
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