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Strength Tip: Look At Your Bar Path On Squats

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If you want to get stronger and improve your squat a simple thing to do is take a video of your squat from side on and look at your bar path.

By bar path I mean the path the bar travels when you squat.  From the top of the squat all the way to the bottom and then back to the top. 

The “path” the bar travels is known as your bar path.

The straighter the bar path the more “efficient” the squat is.

If the bar path isn’t straight look at where it’s going wrong.

A lot of people have a tendency to let the bar drift forward as they get lower in the squat.

It doesn’t have to be a perfectly straight line, but the goal should always be to improve your bar path.

Watch this video of one of my athletes Kerri on squats. Her bath path is pretty straight.


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Take a video from the side of your squat and watch the bar path and then try to improve it.

Try to improve your bar path for a stronger and more efficient squat.

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Coach Rob


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