Date: January 25, 2017 | Author: admin

Do Your Shoulders Ache On Bench Press? Try This

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Bench press is a great upper body exercise and one of the foundation barbell strength exercises.

As much as I love bench press sometimes the barbell bench press isn’t for everyone.  Depending on injuries, mobility issues, posture and other factors bench pressing to the chest might not be a great option.

Here is a simple and easy way to bench press to a comfortable range that will allow you to hopefully bench press pain free.

Using a board or Bench Blockz when you bench press will allow you to train in a shorter range of motion and hopefully avoid those pain areas.  As well this can be used to train and improve specific areas of the bench press.  I have these at my Heavy Weights Gym where I coach a lot of female athletes from brand new lifters all the way to World Class Power Lifters.

As much as I think kettlebells and dumbells are a great tool nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman use a bar when lifting weights.


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Give this a try and hopefully it will help your training.

Get more info on Bench Blockz by going here.

Stay Strong.
Coach Rob