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Tip: Don’t Neglect Single Leg Glute Work

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Glute Training Tip: Be Sure To Do Single Leg Glute Work


If you want to get the best results in your glute training it’s important to vary your exercises and hit your glutes often. Read this blog post for more info Train Your Glutes Every Day.

Something else that will help you get big benefits is making sure you add in single leg glute training as well.

Why would you do this?

A few reasons.

– You want to try to isolate the muscle as much as possible. Single leg glute work will improve this.

– You don’t want imbalances to occur in development, you don’t want one glute bigger than the other :).

– You want to be sure that your glutes are strong as possible. When doing double leg work a dominant side will almost always take over. By doing single leg work it allows you to bring up your weak side.


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Note : When doing single leg glute work be sure to train your weaker side first, and don’t exceed your rips. For example if your weak side can only do 12 reps but your strong side can do 20 reps only do 12 with your strong side to reduce the imbalance.


Every time you do some glute training be sure to add in some single leg work along with double leg work to maximize benefits and results.

Some great single leg glute exercises are

– Single Leg Hip Thruster

– Single Leg Glute Bridge

– Single Leg RDL

– Single Leg Med Ball Glute Bride


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Train your glutes often and make sure to hit single leg versions along with double leg versions.  Hit your glutes often and mix it up between single and double leg.


Coach Rob