Date: December 20, 2016 | Author: admin

Focus On Compound Movements First

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Ask most women what areas they want to improve and you hear about the back of the arms (the triceps) as being a big problem area.

While training triceps has its place, if you want to build muscle focus on big compound movements first.

I am not saying you need to be a Power Lifter but you should always put big compound movements into your training and do them first.

Some great compound exercises are Sqauts, DeadLifts and Trap Bar Deadlifts. You can’t go wrong with the basics. They work. It might not be fancy and you don’t need any crazy machines. If you want results make friends with a standard bar, some chalk and hard work.


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Then follow this up with some other exercises like pull ups, military presses, push presses, rows etc.

Finally finish up your workout with some isolation exercises like curls, push downs, laterals etc.

You could even throw in some kettlebell work for strength and conditioning as well. Swings, Goblet Squats, Military Presses are all great options but be sure build your workouts around compound moments first.


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I’d recommend rep ranges from 5-12 for the compound movements. For the accessory work you can do 8-15 reps.

If you want to build muscle be sure to build your training around basic compound lifts.