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Deadlift Tip: Keep Pulling (Deadlift Video Compilation)

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Deadlift Tip : Keep Pulling


The pure adrenaline rush of a heavy deadlift is hard to put into words.

It’s just a pure physical rush of adrenaline, strength and focus all wrapped up into lift.

It only lasts a few seconds, you feel like your arms are going to rip off, you feel like you may pass out, everything hurts, but it’s one of the most amazing feeling ever :).

Unless you deadlift or enjoy deadlifting you won’t get this.  Most people would think that we are crazy to think this way. But I think that is why if you love deadlifts you are a different type of person. 

The deadlift is a very technical lift but when it gets heavy it becomes as much mental or even more mental than it does physical.

Here is a simple but effective deadlift cue that I use when I coach and lift.

I think of these two simple words.

Keep Pulling.

Deadlifts are as much mental as physical so approach the bar with Confidence.

There is a time to work on technique in your training and there is a time when you should not think much at all.

In training it’s good to work on your weakness, to work on your technique and to improve your skills.

BUT….When it’s time to lift heavy you want to lift with the best form possible but thinking about technique or form is not what you should focus on.

You should clear your mind and think about one thing and one thing only.

Making The Lift.

When I lift and when I coach I recommend my athletes almost find a saying, a word, a phrase that they say over and over and over.

A great one for deadlifts is “Keep Pulling“.

A simple thing to do is repeat over & over in your head “keep pulling”.

If it doesn’t move off the ground “Keep Pulling”

If it’s stuck at the knees “Keep Pulling”

If it’s close to lockout “Keep Pulling”

Just keep saying over and over in your head Keep Pulling!

You got this.


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Sarah with a strong 230 lb. deadlift PR today! Great job Sarah! #HeavyWeights, #Womenwholiftweights, #deadlifts

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Carissa deadlifting 117 pound PR at 90 pound body weight! Strong girl!

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Train hard, stay strong, and always remember “Keep Pulling“.


Coach Rob


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