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Are You Stronger Than A Female US Marine?

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Once upon a time a Female US Marine had to do the same physical testing as a Male Marine and to pass the physical testing they would have to do 3 pull ups.

There was such a small amount of women that could do this that in Jan 2014 they changed the requirements from 3 pull ups to a “Flex Grip Arm Hold”.  You can read more about the US Marine Flex Grip Hold Test HERE.

The Flex Grip Hold is one of the exercises I have my female athletes do in my Pull Up Progression.  You can read more about my pull up progression HERE.

“New pull-up policy

Perhaps the most significant change is the elimination of the flexed-arm hang as an alternative to pull-ups for women on the PFT. Instead, both men and women will be able to opt for push-ups instead — an exercise that was not previously part of the test. To encourage troops to do the more demanding exercise, the new standards limit the number of points available to those who choose the push-ups option. While women can achieve the maximum 100 points for completing between seven and ten pull-ups, and men can meet their max at between 20 and 23 reps depending on age, the push-ups scoring chart maxes out at just 70 points.

Most female Marines will have to complete between 40 and 50 push-ups to earn those 70 points, while most men will have to do between 70 and 80.”


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While doing some research on this I just read that the Military is again changing it’s standard and removing the pull up portion and replacing it with push ups instead.

You can read more on this HERE.

I have no comment on the US Marine testing, but what makes me proud is that I coach about 25+ Female Athletes that can do one pull up or multiple pull ups.

Karen with 4 pull ups. Karen training for Bench Press Nationals & getting #Strong, #pullups

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I have a certain training strategy that I use in coaching women to do pull ups and it works every single time.

If you want to be stronger than a US Marine be sure to get stronger on pull ups and make pull up training part of your training.

If you want to know exactly how I do this check out my Pull Ups For Women Program.

Stay Strong Ladies.
Coach Rob