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Congrats Bev & Karen! Amazing Results at 2017 PowerLifting Nationals

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Congrats two these amazing STRONG women that I coach.

Karen & Bev are two of my competitive PowerLifting athletes and yesterday they had an amazing day on the platform at the 2017 PowerLifting Nationals & Bench Press Championships.

Both these ladies are M2 Lifters (50-60).

Karen took home Gold at her first ever Bench Only Nationals. She is now Bench Press National Champion!

Karen Hann Benching 50 kg / 110 lbs.. She won 1st Place Gold Medal in 63 kg M2 Bench Press. National Champion Congrats Karen!

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Bev competed in Bench Only & 3 Lift she set 2 National Squat Records and took home Silver in 3 lift and Silver in Bench only.

Another Squat National Record for Bev! 116.0 National Record 256 lbs 3/3 on Squats

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I am very proud of these two strong women.

As well both of these strong ladies started at HW with Fat Loss Programs. They both did our 21 Day Kick Start program and our Ripped in 42 program. From there we slowly taught them about the numerous benefits of lifting weights for fat loss, build muscle, bone density, along with physical and mental benefits.

I believe that lifting heavy weights is good for the body, mind and soul. These ladies prove exactly that.

Congrats ladies!

Coach Rob

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