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5 Big Bench Press Mistakes Women Make

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5 Bench Press Mistakes Most Women Make

Most women struggle with bench press.

Their desire to get stronger and improve their bench press usually goes down once they reach a weight and hit a sticking point.

Then desire turns to frustration and bench press is no longer fun.

When I coach women my number one goal is to always make the training fun.

It has to be fun or you won’t do it as much.

However, once you get good at something it becomes fun and you want to do it all the time :).

Here are 5 common bench press mistakes women make.

1.  Women get frustrated too easily.  Bench press is a slow and steady lift.  Be patient with it and don’t get frustrated.

2. Women try to lift too much weight.  With bench press you gotta respect slow and steady increases.  If you can add 1 lb per side in 3-5 weeks you are doing good.  It’s why I use fractional plates a lot with the women I coach on bench press.

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3. Women don’t take long enough rest time.  You need to understand and value rest time when you lift weights.  You need minimum 3 minutes between heavy sets.  Most women are bored after a minute and want to go again.  Time your rest periods and take adequate rest periods.


4.  Women don’t use their legs.  When you bench press you want to use your whole body, not just your upper body.  If you want to get stronger you need to learn to create full body strength and full body tension. 

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5. Women don’t practice enough.  You can honestly bench press every second day or if you are advanced you can do a bench/press variation every day.  If you want to get good at something you need to practice it.  Bench often, don’t max out, practice your skills.  Improve technique and strength by improving your training frequency.

Coach Rob