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3 Benefits Of Using A Squat Safety Bar For Women

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3 Benefits Of Using The Squat Safety Bar For Women

The squat safety bar is a great bar with numerous benefits that can benefit your training. 

If you are a coach or trainer this bar can benefit your clients greatly.

If you are an athlete or PowerLifter this bar can be a great tool for improving your squat strength and your lifts.

Here Are 3 Benefits Of Using A Squat Safety Bar For Women.

1. It’s very joint friendly.  I use the SSB with a few of my 50 + clients who have shoulder or neck issues. I love the standard barbell but it’s not for everyone. I work with clients tat have neck issues, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and more. My goal is to get them stronger and moving better. Instead of making them use a barbell this does a much better job.

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2. If you are a competitive lifter or athlete you can squat with this bar frequently and save your shoulders and arms.

A few years ago I was training for PowerLifting Worlds in Finland and I was low bar squatting 3 days a week and benching 3 days a week. Two weeks out my shoulders and arms were wrecked and in agony. 

My next competition I squat once low bar, once high bar and once using squat safety bar and my upper body felt great.

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3. The SSB + Box Squat is a very body friendly squat where you can handle big weights and it’s easy on the upper body and hips. This also works your quads, hips and core big time.

I was training for PowerLifting Nationals and all normal back squats hurt my hip due to FAI (Femoral Acetubulum Impingement) on my right hip.

The SSB Box Squat allowed me to squat heavy and I managed to compete at Nationals even with a bad hip from using this squat variation.

To get a high quality squat safety bar check Rogue. For lower cost alternatives check out some here.

The squat safety bar is a great tool to use in training and I highly recommend it.



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