Date: December 13, 2016 | Author: admin

3 Reasons Women Should Do Heavy Carries

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If you want to get stronger, lose fat and build more muscle you should be doing weighted carries.

One of the most important things you can do is improve your grip and do weighted carries.

Here Are 3 Benefits of Weighted Carries For Women.

1. Improved Grip Strength

All women can benefit from a stronger grip. A stronger grip improves everything in the gym and in life.
Far too often women lack overall general strength and weak grip plays a huge role in this. By improving your grip strength your overall strength will improve.

It doesn’t matter if it’s deadlifting a PR or carrying groceries to your car a strong grip is always important.

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Michelle & Heather with some Strong Farmers Walks today. Heavy carries do the body good!

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2. Improved Full Body Strength

Picking up a heavy object and walking with it is a primitive strength movement. By getting stronger with this your whole body gets stronger.

If you see someone in the gym lifting heavy but they are using gloves or straps they are limiting their full body strength.  You are much better off developing a strong grip and this can be done using something as simple as weighted carries.


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Rebecca & Kerri getting stronger! Heavy Trap Bar carries after a kick ass pyramid of trap bars & sleds.

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3. Improved Mental Strength

Heavy weighted carries will improve your mental focus and as well improve your confidence.

Picking up something heavy and carrying it is very empowering physically and mentally.

Carrying your own body weight (or more) is a sign of pure strength and can benefit you both physically and mentally.