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3 Front Squat Tips For Women

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3 Front Squat Tips For Women

Last night in one of my classes one of our female athletes who recently competed in PowerLifting wanted to change things up and do some front squats.

A front squat is a barbell squat variation where the bar sits in front of you on the front deltoids, versus a back squat where the bar sits on the upper traps or upper back of a back squat.
The Front Squat is a great squat option that has a big focus on hitting the quads and core. It’s somewhat awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it it the front squat is a fantastic exercise to add to your training for improved strength in the quads and core and also to add muscle to these areas.

Here Are 3 Front Squat Tips For Women

1. Find a set up that works for you.

There are a few different set ups for a front squat.
You can use :
Clean Grip
Cross Grip
Straps With Elbows High Grip
It’s important to find a grip that works for you. If you can do the clean grip this is the best option, but if you lack mobility and flexibility in the upper body a cross grip or using straps can help.


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2. Keep The Reps Under 5 or Under

With front squats there are a few reasons to use lower reps and higher volume of sets.

– The bar will have a tendency to roll forward and slide the more reps you do causing the bar to get away from you.

– The spinal erectors will fatigue faster than the quads causing you to lean forward as you fatigue.
Keep the reps under 5 but do more volume of sets.

Always keep the cue of “Elbows Up”.


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3. Breath & Brace

Be sure to brace your core hard on this exercise. The front squat is more more demanding of the core because of the upright vertical position, so be sure to pay attention to getting a deep belly breath with a hard brace of your core every rep.

I hope these tips help you and if you enjoyed please like & share.