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3 Keys To Maximize Your Back Training

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Most women spend too much time on the pull down machine and not enough time on the basic foundation exercises like deadlifts.

If you want a strong muscular back you need to build a base of strength and muscle, and you can’t get this by doing high reps.

If you want to build a strong, muscular, lean back then you need to stop wasting time on certain exercises and focus on basics.

Here Are 3 Keys To Maximizing Your Back Training


1. Base Your Training on Deadlifts & Deadlift Variations. 

Make sure you don’t neglect the basics. Try to improve your deadlift.  The deadlift and deadlift variations will build strength and muscle like no other exercise.

Yes they are hard, yes they will make you sore, yes your hands might hurt, but if you want results you have to do what it takes.  You can do 100 sets of pull downs and light work but nothing can replace deadlifts and lifting heavy weights.

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2. Focus On Upper Body Exercises Like Chin Ups & Pull Ups

Most women struggle to do chin ups or pull ups.  Bottom line these are not easy, they are damn hard.  I read something that like 1 in 100 women can do a pull up.  This doesn’t surprise me.  Women lack the upper body strength of men therefore it’s a lot harder.

It may be harder but so what.  If you want something you work for it, and a pull up/chin up is the best upper body exercise that women can do.  Focus on improving your strength on these exercises.  It’s a lot of work but I promise it will be worth it.


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3. Do a High Volume of Accessory Work.

Rows variations, pull downs, TRX, and more.  Once you get the basics in place build off a large variety and large volume of back exercises.  Vary it up, keep changing exercises, vary your sets and reps.  Your back can take a lot of volume so make it a priority.

BUT don’t forget #1 and #2 these are key in making progress in your back training.

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Build off the basics, train for strength, and add in accessory work as needed.

Just because you can’t see your back doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a major priority in your training.  A strong back goes a long way inside the gym and a strong back is a thing of beauty and strength.

Train hard and put in the work.

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Coach Rob