Date: September 29, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Tip: If You Lift Weights Early In The Morning Make Sure You Do This

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If you train early in the AM make sure you are well hydrated to prevent back injuries.

One of our Women Who Lift Weights Strength Club members was asking about lifting weights in the morning.

I replied back to let her know that its very important to be WELL hydrated if you train early.

Here is why.

Years ago I did a two day workshop focused on lower back and core with Dr. Stu McGill in Arizona.  He is pretty much the leading expert on spinal injuries.  He is the guy that people go to when no one else can help you.  He also helps athletes, strongman and PowerLifters.

I went to his workshop because I had a back injury for 10+ years and nothing was helping.  I was in agony all the time and I decided that if I want to overcome this I need to take action and learn from the best.

One of the things that Stu said was if you train early in the morning to make sure you are well hydrated (and be warm) before you lift.

At night our body will go through water and can impact dehydration.

IMPORTANT: Your spine/discs are a very large portion of water. If you are dehydrated this can be a big problem.

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At birth, the water content of a disc is about 90 percent, which decreases as we age.

So be sure to drink water before bed and first thing in the AM. If you drink coffee (who doesn’t?) make sure to hydrate even more.

I start every day with 1-2 glasses of lemon water before I hit my strong coffee.

Hydrate to save your back if you train early in the morning.

Train hard but train smart.

Coach Rob

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