Date: October 6, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Tip: Don’t Kick The Bar Away On Sumo Deadlifts

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If you are doing sumo deadlifts it’s very important to try to have perfect technique and form. 
If you make any mistakes in sumo it will really impact your lift. 

Especially when things get heavy. 

Sumo has a very low margin of error.

A common error in sumo is kicking the bar away from you before you start the lift.

This is usually caused by the shins kicking the bar, and the shins not being in a vertical position.

Once you do this the bar is too far ahead of you and not close to the body.

Watch this video where one of my athletes “kicks” the bar away at the start of her sumo and drives the bar away from her shins and further away from her body.


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A simple way to practice this is by doing this drill.

Try focusing on your “first pull” and deadlift only one inch off the floor.

You want to improve your start position and first pull.

Try doing 3-5 partial reps off the floor practicing to not kick the bar away from you.

Then on the last rep do a full rep from the floor.

Watch this video where I demonstrate a simple drill to improve this.


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Give it a try and let me know how you find it.

Coach Rob
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