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Sled Suicides – Fat Loss & Conditioning In 10 Minutes Or Less

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“I don’t have time to workout”.

Your busy, I’m busy, we are all busy.

However you don’t need a lot of time to lose fat and improve your conditioning.

I know what you are thinking. To lose fat you gotta do “Cardio” and that involves spending countless hours on stair masters and ellipticals and other fancy expensive cardio machines.

I have some good news for you.

The days of spending hours on treadmills watching TV are long gone.

When it comes to fat loss the most effective way to lose fat and change your metabolism is with HIT cardio.

Sprints, sleds, pyramids, complexes and other short intense type high intensity workouts.

Yes steady state cardio does have some benefits for some people, but that is another blog post.

Today I wanted to talk about the best investment of your time for results and that is HIT conditioning it will burn fat, build muscle, improve condition and leave your legs like cement and your lungs gasping for oxygen, all in under 10 minutes.

Say hello to your new friend to fight fat and take your “Cardio” to another level, that exercise is Sled Suicides.

Sled suicides are very simple, but don’t confuse simple with easy, because there is nothing easy about sled suicides.



What Are Sled Suicides?

Remember that torturous sprint drill that at some point in gym class you had to do that you hated.

You run to a line, you stop, you turn around, you run back to where you started, you then run to a further line, stop, and sprint back to where you started. And you repeat until your that burns and your legs go heavy.

That one.

Except you do it with a sled.

Which makes it about 20 times worse :).

Here is a video of me demonstrating them.


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A few pointers on sled suicides.

– Don’t do them for an extended period of time. 5-10 minutes and you are done.

– Don’t use a lot of weight. You are better off going fast as possible than slower with heavy weights.

– Pay attention to your recovery as these can catch up to you fast.

– Don’t over due it. Ease into it. Unless you are a experienced fit athlete take them one set at a time.

– Keep a bucket handy as you may need it.


You can use Sled Suicides after your weight training workouts for a quick and effective finisher type exercise.

Sled Suicides take 10 minutes max, no matter how busy you are you have time for this, so grab a sled, grab a lane and start sprinting.

If you enjoy torture like this be sure to check out my Sled Finishers workouts for more self inflected torture.


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