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5 Reasons Women Need To Lift Heavy Weights

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5 Reasons Women Need To Lift Heavy Weights  


Since I started coaching many years ago I have had the privilege of teaching a lot of women how to lift weights and get stronger. My coaching experience has ranged from teaching novice lifters that have never lifted weights before, all the way up to National PowerLifting Champions, Record Holders and even Worlds Level Competitors.  I have also coached numerous Bikini and Fitness competitors, Bikini Champions and more.

Bottom line is, I have coached a lot of females from being brand new to lifting all the way to female champions.

Along the way I have learned a few things and one of the biggest things I learn and teach is the importance of strength for women.

I encourage all my female athletes to lift Heavy Weights, and I also strongly encourage them to compete in PowerLifitng. Over the years I have seen what lifting Heavy Weights truly does to women and I want to share them with you now.

Forget all the myths you see that lifting Heavy Weights will make you “bulky” or “manly”.  Statements like these couldn’t be any further from the truth.

When it comes to women lifting Heavy Weights it’s a life changer and I have seen women’s lives changed many times from lifting.


Here Are 5 Reasons Women Need To Lift Heavy Weights:


1. Lifting Heavy Weights Empowers Women

There is nothing like seeing a woman evolve from weak and quiet to strong and powerful and this can be accomplished by getting stronger and lifting Heavy Weights.  I have seen countless women join HeavyWeights who were meek, shy, lacked confidence and had no strength whatsoever.  

Once women start to develop strength, it carries over to their life.  How you act, how you talk, how you carry themselves, I have seen it happen so many times that once a woman gains strength in the gym, she becomes much more empowered in all aspects of her life.



2. Lifting Heavy Weights Causes You To Focus On The Weight On The Bar, Not The Scale

One of the biggest things I see with women is their obsession with how much what they weigh.  While the scale is one value of body composition it is NOT the be all end all.  Most women however obsess about the scale and what they weigh.  This is not a good thing.

Once women start lifting they start to focus on numbers, but not the numbers on the scale, they focus on the numbers on the bar.

When I start coaching women, pretty soon they all know their numbers.  They know their PR’s in Squats, Bench, and Deadlifts.  Most even know their rep PR’s.  Focusing on the weight you lift is a much more positive thing to do.  I have seen girls who come in and train and are having the worst day, and once they pull a deadlift or a squat PR, their worst day becomes their best day. 

Bottom line is lifting Heavy Weights is good for the mind and the body.



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3. Lifting Heavy Weights Changes A Women’s Relationship With Food

Once women start lifting, they no longer look at food the same way.  Instead of  seeing food as enjoyment or guilt or a mixture of emotions and feelings, women start to look at food as fuel.  Fuel they need to lift Heavy Weights, get stronger, and nourish their body to look good.

Along with this, women who lift get to eat a LOT more food.  Once you start lifting and building muscle, your metabolism will begin to change.  You’ll burn more calories at rest, and your weight training workouts will burn a ton of calories. The, bottom line is, you turn your body into a calorie burning machine that needs to be fed regularly.  


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4. Lifting Heavy Weights Makes Women Look DAMN Good

We all want to look good, and there is nothing that makes a women look damn good compared to lifting

Heavy Weights.

Want a nice bum? LIFT.

Want a nice back?  LIFT.

Want a nice set of shoulders?  LIFT.

Want a lean stomach?  LIFT.

I posted some pics below of the women that I train, as you can see they are not “Big” or “Bulky”, quite the opposite actually.

A great training tool to add to your training to improve your lifts and build better legs and glutes is “The Hip Sling”.  Throw it in your gym bag and use it before every leg session, or if you train at home it’s the perfect add on to body weight exercises.  I use it EVERY workout.





5. Lifting Heavy Weights Inspires Other Females To Lift

In my gym over the years I have seen many women join and they say “I want to look like so and so” or “I read your post on so and so and it inspired me to make a change”.  Women have the ability to inspire other women and lifting Heavy Weights does just that.

It’s great to see strong women inspiring other women to lift HeavyWeights and get stronger, build muscle and improve confidence.


I posted some pictures of a few girls I coach at HW, but there are so many strong fit women at our gym this is only a few of them. 

Here are some of the girls that I have coached. 

Do they look “big” or “bulky” to you? 

Not a chance!.





In the pictures above I showed how they look, check out these videos as well so you can see just how strong they really are.



I truly believe that lifting Heavy Weights changes a woman both physically and mentally.


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