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Sabo Goodlifts Review By Coach Rob King

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Coach King Reviews – Sabo Goodlifts

Coach King’s Rating: 9/10

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SABO GoodLift is a new non heeled model of weightlifting shoes for powerlifting.

Main Features:

Absolutely new non marking outsole has a minimal thickness.  It features a specific pattern and a board for extra support.

The new anatomical cast has an additional volume to raise the comfort and for better weight distribution.

The outsole has been designed exactly for powerlifting.  It has a minimal thickness. 

Classical upper construction, natural leather and quality components make the whole construction more durable.
New wide cast creates a comfort and lets the weight distribute better.

This model is designed for squat, bench press, and deadlift.

A hard textile straps is included, which is durable and provides tight fixation.

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-Coach Rob King

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