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Allmax Hexapro Protein Powder Review – By Coach Robert King

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Hexapro Protein Review – By Coach Robert King

Coach King’s Rating: 8/10

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exapro Blend Protein

• Great Tasting, Healthy Protein Shake
• 6 Protein Sources for Sustained Release
• Daytime, Nighttime – Anytime
The most neglected opportunity to repair and grow muscles is during sleep.
Overnight is the longest period of time the body goes without protein intake.
Research shows that consuming 20 g – 40 g of sustained release protein before bed stimulates muscle protein synthesis and limits muscle breakdown.
HEXAPRO™ has been formulated with 6 of the best, most highly bioavailable proteins in an ideal ratio providing fast, medium and slow protein delivery, giving you an 8 hour sustained release of protein, while you sleep!
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