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No Sled? No Problem – Sled Training Without A Sled

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If you are not doing sled training you are missing out on many benefits that go along with sled training.

For the last month I have been doing a LOT of sled training. Five days a week I have been doing sled training, testing different types of approaches and my results have been simply awesome.

-> I have built more lean muscle (I haven’t done much “weight training” except sled work.)

-> My lower back injury is less painful. I think the stretching from the sled work and working the hamstrings/legs a lot more have given my lower back injury improved stability & mobility.

-> My appetite has been through the roof.

-> Overall recovery is up.

-> I have done NO cardio except sled training.


So that is what has worked for me personally. Here are just some of the benefits of sled training:

=> Increased work capacity

=> More strength for the weakest links in your physical chain

=> More fun and variety in your workout

=> Quicker recovery and healing from injury

=> A new and productive way to work the entire body in a short period of time

=> Endless variety of workouts

I know that most Big Box corporate gyms don’t have a prowler or a sled (which is why I love NOT training at a big box gym), but if you don’t have the luxury of having a Heavyweights Training Center nearby, here is a way to get the benefits of sled training without a sled.


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If you are looking to invest in a sled for your training, I suggest the Rogue Dog Sled from Rogue Fitness Equipment.

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Coach Rob