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3 Tips To Help You Not Fall Forward When Squatting

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3 Tips To Not Fall Forward When Squatting
In my Women Who Lift Weights Community online coaching group one of my members asked about how to keep her chest up when squatting as she has a tendency to fall forward on the bottom of the squat.
Here are 3 tips I shared with her.

1. Try to look up or on the horizon, not down.

Some coaches say look down. I think this can work for some people, but most of the athletes I coach get better success when looking on the horizon, looking straight ahead or even looking up. The body follows the eyes. In my opinion you look down you go down. But it’s important to find what works for you.

A simple saying that always stuck with me “Look Down Go Down”.

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2. Think “Chest Up”, but also think about driving the bar back towards your spotter.
Drive your back into the bar. Think about driving your back into the bar as you come out of the bottom. Chest up is an internal cue, driving your back into the bar is an external cue. Usually external cues work better.  Chest up can work very well for some people, but for some women driving your back into the bar works better.  Think and try both and see what works for you.
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3. Make sure your elbows are not pointing too high.

If your elbows flare up and high this can tip your body forward. If your elbows flare up and high this will push your body forward. Try to pull your elbows back and tight and slightly have them pointed up.  This will keep your upper back tight and allow you to stay more upright.

Give these 3 tips a try and let me know if they help you.

Coach Rob


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