Date: February 16, 2017 | Author: admin

The Truth About Fat Loss & How To Get Visible Abs

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In our Women Who Lift Weights Strength Club one of my members asked me about what exercises she could do to increase the definition in her abs.

A lot of people think that by training abs more and doing lots of reps that it will increase “tone” of the muscle.

To an extent this is true, the more you train a muscle the more “toned” it will be.

However there is NO exercise that will help show your abs or improve your abs IF they have body fat on top of them.

For the most part the only thing that will help you improve your abs to make them more visible is losing body fat.

That’s it.


Now some people have “stubborn” areas.  You know like trying to lose the love handles on the sides etc. 

However it doesn’t matter if you think you have stubborn areas or not, the only way to improve the LOOK of your abs is to lose body fat and get leaner.

You can train abs once a week or five times a day it will not improve your visible abs unless you improve your nutrition and ramp up fat loss.

Yes if you train abs/core you will feel tighter and the muscle will improve “tone” without a doubt, but if you have a layer of fat covering those abs it doesn’t matter how many reps or exercises you do it will not improve you seeing your abs.

“Abs Are Made In The Kitchen”.


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This holds very true.

If you want to see your abs be sure to train them with the proper exercises BUT don’t neglect the importance of strength training, conditioning workouts and NUTRITION.

There is no magic exercise that will give you abs, clean up your nutrition, increase fat loss and I promise that your abs are there :).

I hope this helps clear up any confusion.
Cheers & Stay Strong.

Coach Rob