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3 Reasons Why Women Should Not Train To Failure Often

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3 Reasons Why Women Should Not Train To Failure Often


No Pain -No Gain right?  Not really…

I was asked by one of our Strength Club Members why they should not train to failure.

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1. Chase Progress Not Failure

Anyone can make you tired, not everyone can make you better. 

The goal in training should be progress not failure.  If you fail too often you teach yourself to fail.  The goal in training should be to rarely max or and also rarely miss lifts/reps.

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2. Much Higher Chance Of Injury

The reps you miss have a much higher risk of injury than the reps you get.  In training you should try to not miss.  When pushing the limits and going very heavy you have a higher chance of injury.  Training should be about training, not testing all the time.

As well there is a difference in getting PR’s and grinding hard reps.  Again the goal is progress while trying to train hard and smart. 

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3. CNS (Central Nervous System Fatigue)

The CNS is almost like the processor of your body that controls strength.  The further you push this the more it cuts into your recover.  Training hard and smart pushes the CNS but doesn’t trash the CNS.  The heavier and more intense the workouts the more demanding on the CNS.  Not every workout can be hard and heavy.  You need to  balance this for progress and safety.

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