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1 1 Simple Tips For Better Farmers Walks

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One of most basic but effective exercises are Farmers Walks.


They may be simple but they are not easy.

There is a big difference between simple and easy.

Farmers Walks can be used in pretty much any strength training program to improve overall strength, grip strength and mental toughness.

If you don’t have access to farmers walk handles you can use kettlebells or dumbbells for weighted carries and still get very similar results.  If you want to invest in a set of Farmers Walks Handles check them out from Rogue Fitness.

Grab some heavy weights and carry them.

Here Are 11 Tips For Better Farmers Walks


1. Learn To Keep Tight

2. Breath Through a Straw, Don’t Let The Ribs Flare

3. Grip Hard & Use Chalk If You Can

4. If You Are Going Really Heavy Use A Belt.


5. Try To Keep The Chest High & Avoid Rounding The Shoulders

6. Keep Your Eyes Looking On The Horizon or Straight Ahead

7. Try Not to Shrug The Weight


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8. Stay Mentally Focused

9. Small Steps

10. Keep Your Core Tight

11. Don’t Let Go

Farmers Walks (or any weighted carry for that matter) will test your physical and mental strength.

Add them in your workouts, I guarantee you will be glad that you did.

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Stay Strong.