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Want To “Get Toned”? Read This…

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Want to Get Toned?

Read this…

I get questions like this every day from women.

“I want to tone up”.
“I want to get toned”.
“I don’t want to get too big, I just want to tone my muscles”.

Well, what does it really mean to “Tone”.

Tone is a great buzz word in the women’s fitness community.

Every magazine, every blog post, every supplement ad you will always see this word (and I have used it myself).

When it comes to being “Toned” or “Toning” a muscle it comes down to two things and two things only.

1. Lose Body Fat
2. Increase Muscle

That is IT.

You can’t “Tone” a muscle.
You can’t change your genetic structure.
You can’t change your muscle structure .


You can lose fat.
You can build muscle.
You CAN increase the “tone” of your muscles by simply having less body fat and more lean muscle mass.

The best tool for this is lifting weights.

There is no better exercise to “tone” than lifting weights.

Lifting weights will help you build lean muscle and lose fat faster than pretty much any other exercise.

Now lets not forget about nutrition as you can train all day long but if your nutrition isn’t in check, well your not going to get the body composition results you could.

But that is another article in itself.

Just remember that TONE means two things.
1. Lose Body Fat
2. Increase Lean Muscle

Make sure that lifting weights is the backbone of your training.

Coach Rob

By the way if you want to get “Toned” and by toned I mean lose fat and build muscle I have a few programs that can help you do just that.

A great starter program that has helped a lot of women is my Toned In 21 program.