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Tip : Stop Doing Silly Ab Exercises

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Over the years I have seen so many “ab machines” and you know the ONE thing they all have it common? They are designed so that they can be stored under your bed or in your closet so you never see them, use them, or feel guilty about buying them.

All these ab gadgets and machines are pretty much crap. Ab twisting machines, ab isolation machines, ab toning machines, enough is enough. Turn on late night TV and you are guaranteed to find some fitness gimmick that guarantees abs in less than 4 minutes a day.

However I will say this, the ab wheel, a.k.a. “The Evil Wheel,” is one of the best ab gadgets you could ever use. For $10-$20, it’s a wise investment for your training.

If you want to buy an ab wheel you can get one for under $10 and it’s well worth it.


When it comes to training, stop doing so many crunches and sit ups. These are some of the worst, most overrated, and damaging exercises you can do. If you sit at a desk all day the last thing you need is hundreds of crunches and sit ups.

Unless you are in a sport that requires that motion, for example jiu jitsu and some martial arts, ditch the crunches and sit ups.

Read anything from Dr. Stu McGill and you can see that most people don’t need crunches and sit ups in their training, or in their life. Remember I said most, not all. There are always exceptions.


Ab Fix : Stop doing so many useless exercises.

Do these exercises instead.

– Plank & Side Planks For Time

– Hard Plank

– Weighted Planks

– Ab Wheel Roll Out Variations

– Paloff Holds

– Single Arm Carries




Ditch the silly ab machines and stick to basics.

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Coach Rob

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