Date: April 7, 2019 | Author: Coach Rob

Tip: On Sumo Deadlifts Push The Knees Out Hard

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By Coach Rob

If you want a stronger sumo this little tip can make a big difference

Push the knees out hard.

This will do a couple of things.

– “Spread The Floor” when spreading the floor your knees and toes will line up making the lift stronger and with less “energy leaks”. It will also engage the powerhouse muscles the glutes.

– The bar will clear the knees better. If your knees kick forward the bar will sometimes hit off your knees. This makes the bar path of the deadlift not straight (and it hurts).

– It will open up the hips. Sumo being a very hip dominant deadlift it’s important to get your hips into your deadlift. By pushing the knees out it will help open up the hips.

The goal is to try to push the knees out and have the shins as vertical as possible.

In this video I have one of my lifters Sarah practice a “wedge” before she lifts, then wedge + full lift.

This helps improve creating tension before the lift and also improves body positioning.

Give it a try and I hope it helps you.

Coach Rob