Date: September 25, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

How To Breathe & Brace For Heavy Squats & Deadlifts

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If you want to squat and deadlift heavy weights then you must learn how to breath and brace properly.
Learning to breath and brace will not only help you lift heavier weights, it will also help keep your lower back much safer.

After teaching thousands of people how to breath and brace her is the most simple and easy way that I have found to learn and implement this technique.


Step 1. Take a big breath in through your mouth, or nose or both.

Step 2. Make sure the air goes into your belly NOT your chest (you do not want your chest to rise, always think of locking your ribs down.

Step 3.  Brace your stomach/core like you are going to get punched.

Step 4. Learn to apply that same “bracing” to a 360% brace where you learn to “clamp down” your sides and your lower back (not just your abdominal area.
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When it comes to lifting the more weight you handle the more “tension” you need to create with breathing and bracing.

Learning how to breath and brace is critical for strength and safety.

Give it a try and let me know how you find it.

Coach Rob

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