Date: October 14, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

How Often Should You Train Your Glutes?

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“How often should you train your glutes?

There is a quote from one of my mentors and friend Dan John that is the perfect answer for this.

He said “If it’s important do it every day”.

I can’t agree with him more.

There are 3 muscle groups/areas that I think you can train pretty much daily.

1. Glutes
2. Abs/Core
3. Grip Forearms

Most women definitely don’t do enough of #3 but that is for another email.

Today lets talk glutes.

I think you can hit your glutes almost every day that you train.

To get the best results I think you need a good mix of the following.

1. Basic Lifts (Squats & Deadlifts etc)

2. Direct glute work (hip thrusters, mini band work etc.)

3. Single Leg Work

Here is an important tip for single leg work.  Always train your weak side first and never let your weak side exceed your strong side.

For example.

I am coming off a hip replacement surgery and I have never done so much glute and hip work in my life.

My right side is the “weak side” so today I did mini band work with my hip circle.

Whatever I did on my right side (weaker side) first I did matching reps on my left side.  Even though my left could do more I didn’t do more.  The goal is to bring up muscle imbalances and symmetrical strength.

TIP: Before you squat or deadlift (basic lifts) spend 10-15 minutes DOING your glute work.  Most times I would always focus on the big lifts first in training, but I find after them I am sometimes pooped and it’s easy to neglect it.

Remember what Dan John said, “If it’s important do it every day”.

So if your glutes are a focus in your training do them first thing.

It will make your glute results better and also get your glutes/hips ready for the big lifts :).

Hope this helps your glutes 🙂

Coach Rob

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