Date: October 13, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Do Your Forearms Hurt When You Do TRX Rows?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I love the TRX suspension system and I use this often in my own training, at my gym with my clients and as well with my online clients.

The variations are limitless and it’s one of the best tools available.

A common mistake I see with women when they do TRX rows is that their forearms get tight and give out.  When doing a standard TRX row the focus should be on the upper back, lats, biceps and then forearms.

If you do this incorrectly the forearms will always get tight and you arms will become a little T-Rex :).

Most times when doing a row a lot of women will do a forearm curl at the same time.  By curling your palms towards you the forearm does a lot of work and will start to fatigue.

Instead think about these two points.
1. Drive The Elbows Back To Your Sides
Don’t think about pulling yourself up, think about driving your elbows back.  This will help engage the second biggest muscle of the body, the lats.

2.  Don’t Grip So Tight & Try To Have A Neutral Wrist Position

If your palms are facing you are engaging the forearms, by keeping the palms in a “neutral” position this will take stress off the forearm flexors.

Watch this video where I show the correct way to do a TRX row.


Give it a try and I hope this video helps you.

Coach Rob

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