Date: January 6, 2017 | Author: admin

Do You Love & Crave Chocolate?

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If you do then your cravings may be telling you something.

You may be magnesium deficient.

One of the symptoms of Magnesium deficiency is craving chocolate.

Chocolate is high in Magnesium, and it’s been suggested that a deficiency in magnesium may play a role in these cravings.

It will also improve your strength, recovery, and sleep.


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How about your results in the gym?

Improved strength, improved muscle building, and also improve your sleep quality.

When you train a lot you may sweat a lot. Lifting weights also plays a big role, you deplete magnesium at a much faster pace by training and lifting.

As well we no longer get nearly the amount of Magnesium in our soil or foods compared to what we should.

Bottom line add in Magnesium, you will be glad you did.

For a quality Magnesium I recommend Ease Magnesium.  It works wonders.

Give it a try and keep me posted on how you find it.


Coach Rob